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We are a German-Spanish law company based in Palma de Mallorca , which has been representing German and Spanish legal issues together for over 20 years. The first “Hispano – Alemán” law company in Palma de Mallorca.

Our core competence is personal, client-oriented and serious advice, carried out with the professionalism, discreetness and effectiveness required for each specific case.

Internationally positioned

Our legal advice and services are international in reach. We advise you on German and Spanish law and are authorised and operating as Spanish “Abogados” as well as German lawyers.

Competent, Consistent, Fair, for You!

We represent your interests in court and provide specialist legal advice with a focus on real estate-, tax-, inheritance- and corporate law.

Service areas

Thanks to our many years of experience and over 20 years of cooperation as a German-Spanish law company, we are able to cover a wide range of legal areas!

Rental law

We support you in the acquisition of your dream property, both in private and/or commercial matters, i.e. also in the acquisition of gastronomic businesses, tourist rentals and all matters relating to Spanish tenancy law.

Real estate law

Private & commercial real estate investment, as well as property purchase and development / construction projects. In particular hotel operations (purchase / sale ), property investment & risk assessment. We provide you with comprehensive advice and assist you with all the necessary procedures.

Construction law

From project assessment, issuing of certificates, coordination of architects & contractors and contract law, private & public / financing advice, we accompany you in your construction process / course.

Law of succession

Assistance and advice on inheritance in the event of death, as well as analysis of the inheritance case, preparation of the declaration of acceptance of inheritance & notarisation. Determination of tax obligations, we are at your side in matters of inheritance.

Public law

Public construction law, from tender procedures to tax procedural law and tax enforcement law. As well as criminal procedure law in tax law, criminal procedure law in construction law and also criminal tax law & enforcement matters.

Corporate law

We support you with advice & assistance in the formation of Spanish corporations, as well as application for Spanish tax numbers, advice on public deeds e.g. deed of incorporation, as well as compliance law, etc.

Maritime law & Licenses

We help and support you with the purchase and/or sale of boats and ships, as well as with the registration and licensing for private or commercial use/licences.

Insolvency law

We help and support you in the application process in company bankruptcy proceedings and offer advice in the event of impending bankruptcy.

Process law

In the area of procedural law, we offer you comprehensive support in the following areas: Claims management, dunning proceedings, enforcement matters & damages, liability matters in construction law, criminal procedural law. In property offences, competition law and also in criminal tax law, and much more.

Family law

We are happy to assist you with divorce proceedings and international family matters.

Arno W. Meuser

Arno W. Meuser

From out-of-court negotiations, advice on real estate law, tax law, civil law to shipping law.

Belén Benito Cebrián

Belén Benito Cebrián

Her area of expertise relates to civil law, criminal law and commercial law. As well as everything around real estate legal matters.

over 3000 consultations in the real estate sector

over 1400 company foundations

80% + Procedural cases won

100% full knowledge in hotel investing

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The “Número de Identidad de Extranjero” is a Spanish identification and tax number for foreigners resident or working or doing business there. It is required for all major purchases, such as buying a house or flat. It is also required for opening an account, registering with the authorities and other legal matters. We will be happy to help you with your application!

This depends on the region and location of the property, as well as the type (whether flat or house/ finca). Depending on the case, you can apply for licences or not. We will be happy to advise and check this for you and support you in your project. Make an appointment with us now!

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